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Download UbiSafe for free, purchase UbiSafe Box and start to locate your pet to never lose track of it

UUbiSafe turns your smartphone into a satellite tracker that allows you to track people, vehicles, animals and objects.

Download Ubisafe for Android™ for free






UbiSafe gives you peace of mind that you can quickly find your dog if it gets lost

UbiSafe is the innovative APP for Android™ that allows you to locate even your pets!

UbiSafe uses the GPS system of your smartphone to send and receive the location of your four-legged friend on the map.

  • Locates your 4-legged friend
  • Tracks the route in real time
  • Shows you the location on the map
  • Sends location SMS and e-mail messages
  • Notifies entries to / departures from safe areas


The UbiSafe satellite locator consists of two basic parts to locate your pet:

  • UbiSafe Box: the tiny GPS device (4x7 cm each) is a device weighing only 60 grams that has a GPS satellite module for tracking and a GSM module with a SIM card included, for sending notifications via SMS or E-mail.

  • UbiSafe APP: for real-time displaying of locations on the map and for tracking the route taken. With this APP you can configure all the notifications you wish to receive via e-mail or SMS directly to your smartphone.



UbiSafe Box and your dog will be inseparable friends

UbiSafe Box is tiny (smaller than a business card) and very light. It is a device weighing only 60 grams that has a GPS receiver and a GSM module with SIM included. It is shockproof and waterproof, and it has rechargeable battery that lasts for a week.

The UbiSafe Box device, which is small and lightweight, can be conveniently attached to the collar of your dog.


How does UbiSafe work for locating pets

  1. Hook UbiSafe Box to the collar of your dog
  2. Set the notifications you wish to receive from the UbiSafe device to your smartphone
  3. Receive notifications via SMS or e-mail
  4. Display the location on the map
  5. Find your lost dog immediately


Where has Fido gone? Find out in an instant with UbiSafe


Setup geofence notifications of safe areas: receive a notification via SMS or e-mail when the event occurs.

With UbiSafe you can set up a 5 "safe areas" and endless entry and departure notifications from those areas, even on a time basis.
Example of a departure notification: you have defined a safe area as "your garden". You will receive an SMS and an e-mail in real time if your dog escapes from the garden, with a notification of its location. Then you know exactly where to find it!






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