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Download UbiSafe for free and start locating your relatives and friends

UbiSafe transforms your smartphone into a satellite tracker that allows you to locate your loved ones. Download UbiSafe for Android™ for free


UbiSafe gives you peace of mind.

UbiSafe is an innovative APP for Android™ that allows you to locate your relatives and your friends.
UbiSafe uses the GPS system of your smartphone to send and receive locations on the map.
With UbiSafe you can, for example, send your exact location to your friends or display where your friends are on the map.
Thanks to UbiSafe’s features you can, for example, "watch over" your children even when they are not near you. You can see their exact location and easily reach them, whenever you need to.

  • Locates people
  • Locates vehicles
  • Tracks routes
  • Sends location SMS and e-mail messages
  • Speed alarms
  • Notifies safe areas

How to use UbiSafe on your smartphone to locate your friends

  1. Download and install the free APP on your Android™ system
  2. Switch on UbiSafe and invite your friends or relatives. They will be able to download UbiSafe for free as well.
  3. Manage your groups: decide who you want to locate and who you want to be located by
  4. Start locating!
You can use the UbiSafe APP on your smartphone or with your PC by accessing your UbiSafe account on the website www.UbiSafe.it
For example, if you lose your smartphone, you can locate it and find it from your Ubisafe account using your PC.
The UbiSafe functions on a mobile APP are the same as those on a PC.

You can also locate UbiSafe Box with the UbiSafe APP on your smartphone

UbiSafe shares location information with your group members who have installed the APP on their smartphones.

What do you do if your friends or relatives do not have a smartphone? Do not worry! The UbiSafe APP is also active with UbiSafe Box: this is the tiny GPS tracking APP you can purchase on this website.

UbiSafe Box is smaller than a cell phone, handy, and pocket-sized. The rechargeable li-ion battery provides up to 8 days of continuous operation, and it is shockproof and waterproof.

You can give your children UbiSafe Box: they can keep it with them in their pockets or school backpacks and you can track their routes path and locate them in real time.





Here are some typical scenarios where UbiSafe becomes essential.

SOS function. With a simple click you can send an SOS signal with your exact location.

When needed all you have to do is press the UbiSafe box SOS button or click the SOS button of the UbiSafe APP on your smartphone.
Your family members (relatives or friends) will immediately receive the SMS message with your request for help and your exact location. In this way they will be able to act promptly to come to your aid or alert the police.

The SOS function is useful in any emergency situation in which it is essential to be located.

Example 1: Your car breaks down in the countryside. Send an SOS, and you will be immediately located by the members of your "group" who will see your location and will be able to come to your assistance.

Example 2: On the beach, your daughter got lost and can't return to your beach umbrella. She can press the SOS button of her UbiSafe box and you will receive an alarm notification on your smartphone. You will be able to see where she and can immediately go and get her.


Do you want to get the most out of UbiSafe? Activate the premium function.

Speed Alerts: UbiSafe sends you an SMS when a speed you have set is exceeded.

For example, you can set the APP to receive an alert (SMS notification) if your child goes faster than 40 km/h on his/her scooter. This function is also useful as anti-theft alarm for your car: have a look at other UbiSafe scenarios for vehicle tracking.

Geofence alarms when leaving a safe area: you will receive an SMS notification when the event occurs.

With UbiSafe you can set up to 5 safe areas and unlimited incoming and outgoing notifications in relation to those.

Example 1: you define "your son’s school" as a safe area. You will receive a text message in real time if your child leaves school before 1 pm, or when he enters the school.

Example 2: you define "your home" as a safe area. UbiSafe sends you an SMS notification when a relatives enters or leaves the house.

Pre-defined areas incoming and outgoing alarms are also very useful when using UbiSafe as a pets locator or car alarm.

Tracking a route that has been taken: look at the previous movements on the map and track in real-time.

Example: your daughter has gone for a walk in the woods and has strayed from the group. Identify her exact location and see what route she took to get there. You can go and get her following the same route.

Tracking a route is also a very useful function when used for cars, or vehicles in general, or pets.






Web/PC interface
Smartphone/Tablet interface
Locating on the map
Previous locations
Real time tracking
Safe Area Alarm
Speed Alarm
Switching Off/On Alarm
Low Battery Warning



Download UbiSafe for free



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